Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Brave New World

At the rate the news have been reporting it, one might be excused in thinking Americans have found an ingenious way of dealing with unemployment: Those that lose their job go out on a shooting spree, killing themselves and many others in the process.
I guess that's what you get during harder times when you put money as your topmost ideal and when you have guns easily available.

Someone out there is talking about making a difference, and for a change he seems worth listening to.
During his current tour of Europe, president Obama has been repeating quite explicitly his agenda of totally disarming the world from nuclear weapons. I would have totally dismissed it as a gesture of popularism if the statement was not made by the most powerful guy around.
Given my very published opinion that nuclear weapons are the most immediate threat to human civilization (with global warming being a less imidiate and some astronomical calamity less probable in the near future), I would do everything I can to support Obama with his initiative.
Even when everything I can is writing a post about it. Go get 'em, tiger!

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