Sunday, 8 March 2009

Train of Thought

Dylan has this thing for trains. It's not like we have pushed him down the train path and it's not like he's surrounded by Thomas so much that he cannot avoid it. Instead, it is clearly a matter of his own preferences. I read that it's the testosterone in male babies that makes them behave like little engineers, tinker with stuff and assemble/disassemble stuff they're presented with; I can't really comment on that as I haven't been exposed much to baby girls, but that observation seems to apply to Dylan.
At first every big thing he saw was a train. He saw trains in trucks, until we taught him to differentiate the two. Today he saw trains in trams, which is probably a very accurate observation on his part.
And yesterday he made the very first three word sentence we got to hear out of him: "Train gone work". We were driving through a railway crossing, and Dylan was looking for the train as he's been doing for a while now; when he saw none he came up with the above statement. For him, everybody and everything that exists but not next to him is at work: when I'm not at home then I'm at work, and since his grandmother left us to go back to the UK she has been at work, too, as far as Dylan is concerned.
Through the way our little baby expresses himself you can learn a lot about the way the child's mind, and thus our minds, work. I find it extremely interesting.

But then one can learn a lot by behavior, too. I have this Russian dolls set of Arsenal players that my friend Haim got me as a gift from Prague, once upon a time; these dolls are now one of Dylan's favorite toys. A couple of days ago we saw Dylan feeding the Bergkamp doll with water from his drinking cup.

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