Monday, 16 March 2009

Train in Vain

In a moment of inspiration I wrote the following letter to The Age. I doubt they would publish it, as it's too arbitrary, so here goes:

One simply cannot argue that Connex has performed well over the last quarter. During December its service was poor enough for the State Government to offer us a free ride day; over January and February it failed its basic KPIs; and at least according to my personal experience, March isn’t shaping up for a stellar performance either.
Arguments for leniency may be raised on the grounds of extreme weather. Surely, though, one cannot hang a quarter’s performance on four days of extreme weather. Surely, one can see service levels have been poor under extreme heat as well as in the rain. Surely, the last quarter is also evidence enough for the poor service received by the voting public on nice and mild days, too.
Surely one has to ask what more would it take for things to change. One has to wonder what it is that is keeping Connex running our trains. Surely, given performance records, one has to be quite bewildered as to why it is that the State Government still insists on maintaining the current private operator model of work while arguing we can leverage out of the operator’s international experience?

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