Monday, 30 March 2009

Opposites Attract

A strange phenomenon contradicting all of our experience thus far took place last week.
As of the preceding weekend, Dylan has had a minor cold which became a pain when it triggered his asthma. More on these adventures in the post to follow; the point, for now, is that we have had to miss work for most of the week in order to stay home with Dylan. And let me say this again: Work is a holiday compared to staying home with Dylan, especially a sick Dylan (although by now there are many nice moments to be had with Dylan, such as when reading him a story).
By Thursday night Dylan seemed a 50-50 case for childcare the next day. On one hand he was still troubled, on the other he was lively and obviously too bored with home. Given work pressures we took him to childcare, and lo and behold: he came back home better for it.
It's probably the fresh air, but credit has to be given to the fact that by now Dylna actually likes going to childcare and is looking forward to playing with his childcare friends ("Josh! Josh!").
Childcare still has a lot of debt to pay in the making Dylan sick vs. making him healthy department, and I'm sure that over time the deficit will only grow and grow (especially with Winter in the air); yet it is interesting to observe that for a roughly year and half old, childcare becomes a place where pleasure can be found.

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