Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Water Man

Still too preoccupied to properly blog about much more than a movie review, I'll settle with posting a couple of Dylan videos.
In the first one he's playing in our backyard with the water/sand table his grandmother bought him. It's all full of Wiggles branding, which is rather scary, but we hope he won't be able to detect the not so well camouflaged attempt to get him hooked on consumption from the age of zero and a bit. He also got himself this nifty water tower which has lots of sophisticated wheels and stuff but seem to have this tiny bit of plastic on the side that doesn't do much but attracts Dylan's attention the most.

Following the water play, we went out for an early dinner at an Indian restaurant in order to commemorate Isobel last night with us before she flies home to the UK. The food was great, and as you can see Dylan likes his butter chicken.

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