Sunday, 8 February 2009

Feeling the Heat

I haven't been posting much on this blog lately. At first it was because Dylan was sick and I was sick and we were having our hospital adventure, but now it's because muse is lacking. Sure, I have things to blog about, but it feels like a bit of an anti-climax to discuss the rather mundane things I have to say compared to what we went through over the last fortnight.
For the record, over the last week Dylan has been recovering quite well. With his grandmother around he's been getting some extra attention and he has found himself the perfect partner for his outdoor water games. It took him a couple of days at home till he started walking, and more importantly, over the last three days or so you could see he is back to being his usual happy self.
We did have to contend with the heat, though. Yesterday's was Melbourne's hottest day ever on record at more than 47 degrees (and records have been kept for the last 150 years). We spent most of the day at home with the blinds closed and all electric goods shut (both to preserve them and to reduce generated heat).
To compensate, we drove today to Torquay, where after a nice lunch we've had ourselves a walk by the beach. Being that it's Torquay, a surfer's beach, it was quite windy, as the video below indicates.

Back to the heat.
Not everyone fared as well as we did with the heat. As per tonight's news, the devastating hot wind that came with the heat wave has taken some 66 lives thus far in fires all over Victoria, with many more expected to be added to the tally and many more injured.
As expected given the atrocity, we have had the pleasure of listening to politicians talking the talk in response. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was heard over the radio saying that "Hell and all its fury has visited the good people of Victoria"; I beg to differ.
I haven't checked the fires in person, but I'm pretty sure there was nothing supernatural about them. What I am sure about, though, is that this person who is now turning to some supernatural hell to explain the events that took place is the same person that is happy to sell Australians short by setting a target of a measly five percent for carbon emission reductions, the same carbon emissions that are responsible for global warming, the same global warming that is responsible for Melbourne's record heat. The real culprit, Mr Rudd, is not hell; it is you and the long line of leaders that stood before you who refused to acknowledged reality and are still hell bent on us utilizing our god given right to burn coal.
Another interesting point is that Rudd volunteered the Australian army to help people out. That's great, but let me ask you this: If Australia doesn't have much in the way of enemies, and if most of what our army does is civilian rescue missions, then why do we spend god knows how many billion dollars a year on a defense force when we can get a much better bang for our money by establishing a top notch rescue force?
All I'm trying to say is that we are led by the nose by so called leaders with such narrow vision and such selfish agendas that we seem to be getting our votes' worth. Wake up, public, and establish the awareness you were numbed out of: you're being messed around with!

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