Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Captain

For the better part of my childhood, I wanted to be a captain.
I guess this started by me watching Star Blazers as a single digit old child and falling for the glory of characters such as Dirk Wildstar as they commanded glorious battleships across galaxies. I was a control freak as of a young age, you see.
At high school the fantasy took on a new perspective with the realization that if I was to become an academic officer in the army, as was quite common for kids in my school, I would - eventually, towards the later stages of the seven years long army career such a path takes - become a real captain. No spaceship to call my own, but an authentic captain never the less.
Of course, now these aspirations look pretty foolish. Sure, I'm proud of the imaginative kid I once was, and I hope I am still imaginative; but an army career? Give me a break. Speaking from this side of my army service I can tell you it was nothing but time wasted for a meaningless cause. And generally speaking, with all due respect to New England, I don't think too highly of patriotism and patriots; I don't see why a person whose accident of birth meant they were born on the other side of a man made border does not count as much as people this side of the border.

Of course, I can say all those nasty things about captainhood now, simply because I have just been appointed a captain. My childhood dream is soon to be realized!
Yes, yours truly is to become a team captain in the 2009's GCC competition. I have already discussed the GCC here last year; it's this competition that's not really a competition where teams of co-workers document their daily step count. As I have said last time around, it's interesting to know how much one does walk on a given day, even if that count seems to be more related to the quality of the fragile pedometers they issue you with rather than your actual step count.
With great powers come great responsibilities, and as a team captain one of my duties is to name my team. Obviously I'm going to make this a democratic process, given that I'm such a nice captain; but my personal choice so far is The Imperial Walkers. The rest of my team had better accept it; I will not stand for insubordination on my ship.
O Captain! My Captain!

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