Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Thank god there probably is no god

Over the last week or so I have been receiving the attached picture as a joke from several friends here in Australia. It's an advertisement for an Israeli beer called Goldstar, which obviously went through some marketing research that determined its target market to be mostly male.
What most people seeing this ad don't realize, apart from Goldstar being a decidedly average beer, is that it's punch line - "thank god you're a man" - is a reference to a Jewish prayer said twice a week where men thank god for not making them women. And yes, I may be taking things out of context here, but the prayer literally says what I said it says. And no matter what Judaism's advocates will tell you about how precious women are in the eye of their religion, their explanations will amount to not much more than a Muslim woman telling you how good wearing her Burqa feels.
As I have stated here in the past, the way religion tends to treat women has been one of the first reasons for me to start developing my sense of agnosticism. Long before my analytical skills were honed enough for me to be able to tell religion doesn't make sense and has absolutely no evidence to support it, I was able to detect the rotten smell coming from its inherent chauvinism.
The thing that surprised me the most about the Goldstar ad is the way people reacted when I told them about the ad's reference to Jewish prayers. Most of them thought I was fooling around and demanded proof (which is easily supplied through the web). Then, however, things either went in the "I have to tell this to..." direction or "wow, I'm converting to Judaism". None thought along the same lines I do, that is - none said that this attitude alone makes Judaism a religion worthy of deletion from society's Recycling Bin.
I find that very worrying.

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