Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sneezing Fit

America seems to be sneezing a lot lately, at least judging by what we see and hear on the news all the time. We see a guy who by now is an ex-president saying “god bless America” and we see a guy who by now is an American president saying “god bless America”, and they do it so often you want to go over there and hand America a tissue.
Then we have an inauguration ceremony where every fart is analyzed as if it has some cosmic meaning. Obama paused in the middle of taking his oath; what does that symbolize? Is he chickening out? Did his vibrating Blackberry go off in his pocket or was he just happy to see everyone? Is he using a Zune or an iPod at the gym? Did the white guy taking his oath stumble deliberately?
Or rather, am I the only one going crazy here with this stupid coverage?

In retaliation to the above, please allow me to provide you with some Obama news items you haven’t heard of. I can assure you it’s all from credible internal sources:
Before and after his inauguration, Obama took a leak. It also seems he had a dump, although it is yet unclear whether the output was bright, dark or mixed in color.
Now, I am not here to demean Obama; I wish him all the best in repairing this world which we share. I’m only trying to say that Obama is a human being surrounded by human beings, and humans have been known to make lots of mistakes but to also have some great achievements.
In my book, now that all the excitement of the inauguration itself is behind us, what we have is:
  1. We finally managed to get rid of what was probably one of the worst American presidents in history.
  2. We have a black president, which is of high importance to American society’s health. It’s as if the American voter could see through the plot of an upcoming Forrest Gump sequel.
  3. We have a new president that, indeed, promises to act where action is needed.
  4. However, and that’s a big one, that new president will still have to use the same mechanisms as before and he would still have to work in the same environment as before, an environment where capital tends to have the last word. And it is here that we need to remember that Obama “recruited” hundreds of millions of dollars in his election campaign, none of which were given to him because of his pretty face.
The main question, therefore, is not why Obama took a pause in his oath, but rather how will Obama navigate through the existing mine fields and the new ones he brought with him in order to deliver on his promises.
You may rightly claim I am overly cynical, but it’s just that I prefer to reserve my judgment till I see some actions to compliment the talking. I've seen it all in Australia just a year ago: a smooth talking prime minister, albeit not half as good an orator as Obama, was elected to replace a decadent pro Bush old geezer; since then, this new kid on the block mainly continued to talk the talk, but although a definite improvement he hardly walked the walk and in some cases he walked backwards.
Obama is not my president in the sense that I was never entitled to vote for him, but effectively he is my president; he is the closest to being the president of all this planet’s citizens. As such, I wish him all the best in delivering his promises.
No tissues required. Just bring this change you're talking about.

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