Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Our Water, Our Money

You have to read it to believe it, but both The Age and ABC News reported this yesterday:
Melbourne’s water prices are set to climb up. You’d expect this to be due to the water shortage Melbourne is definitely suffering from, but no: The rise is due to lower consumer consumption forcing the water companies to hike their prices in order to maintain their revenues.
All the while, the Victorian Government is spending millions on their “Target 155” campaign, aimed to educate the population to reduce their individual water consumption to just 155 liters a day. And as their website announces, so far the campaign has been successful.
Yes, you read it right: In order to reward Melbournians for their reduced water consumption they are going to pay more. Who said the system isn’t great?
I have said it before but now we have further evidence to support my claim: The powers that be do not want to address global warming or other environmental issues. Their only concern is maintaining the current status quo. The real question here is why we continue falling for that and why we continue to reelect their representatives; our continued failure there does not indicate a healthy society.

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