Saturday, 3 January 2009

Giving the Fingers

Since almost as far as I remember, I used to chew my fingers. Chewing my fingers has been the one sport in which I have excelled: over the years I have never encountered anyone who even comes close to the professionalism and the dedication with which I have been chewing my fingers.
As all top sports people will tell you, the better remembered athletes are those that knew when to best retire. Perhaps the time has come for me to recover some missing skin on my fingers.
You see, I have long noticed that most of the chewing is stress related, and most of the stress in my life comes from work. Most specifically, from the frustrations that come with work, and more specifically there from the inability to straighten things that are forcefully crooked. It was also noticeable that when I am away from work my fingers tend to recover: it happened during weekends, but it also happened during leave.
Given these observations, I decided to use the momentum created by us going away during August and September for family visits. True, our families are no small pain in the backside, but stress wise they're no competition for work; so when we came back from this month's leave and I had new fingers with me, I decided to make a real effort to keep my fingers that way.
So far, more than three months later, I'm persevering. Sure, my fingers are not perfect; they often get cut. And yes, I do find the stray finger in my mouth from time to time, especially whenever some new senseless decisions are made at the office. And worse, I do find myself developing even scarier new replacement habits to vent the stress. But with all of that, I still have proper looking digits on me now, fingers that will not burn at the touch of seawater and fingers that will not stain the pages of the books I am reading with the occasional smear of blood.
I doubt this will last long; one cannot change more a vice older than thirty just like that. Still, one has to start somewhere. So this one goes to all those attempting to get themselves rid of a bad habit with this new year!


Uri said...

When Martin Riggs quit smoking he got hooked on dog biscuits. I wonder what you will do.

Moshe Reuveni said...

I'm too old for this shit. I'm pulling hair.