Wednesday, 24 December 2008

We wish [some of you] a merry Xmess

In compliance with his take on the concept of Christmas spirit, "The pope has sparked controversy by saying defending heterosexuality is as important as saving the world's rainforests from destruction" (quoted from The Guardian here).
I therefore like to thank the Pope for helping us see the true face of religion. When looked upon closely it is clear there is not much of a difference between the radical Muslims doing their terrorist attacks and the agendas the Pope is trying to push.
The Pope's comments do make me laugh, though. On one hand we have science indicating that homosexuality is perfectly natural and abundant throughout nature; we have science indicating that we are all somewhere on a continuum between heterosexuality and homosexuality; we have great achievements achieved by gay people (check out Oscar Wilde); and I also have my own personal experience indicating that gay people are just like all people: some are great and some are a pain. On the other hand we have the Pope with his demagogy.
The question of which side to go with is rather rhetoric.

In conclusion, I would like to say to the Pope I think he's an idiot. To the rest of us, enjoy the upcoming break!

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