Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Half Life

Should I start worrying?

A couple of weeks ago we took Dylan to childcare. We got into the car, started going, and then I realized I forgot Dylan's childcare bag at home. I drove back home, went inside, and realized the bag was actually in the back of the car all along.

This morning I left home on my own to the train station. As I arrived, a train went by some ten minutes after its due time or five minutes prior its due time. I should have known better with Connex, but the surprise factor got me to look for my mobile phone to check and see whether Connex sent me any SMS updates about its services. Trouble is, I couldn't find my phone!
I decided to drive back home and look for it. I got home there but couldn't find it where I last remember to have put it at home, either. In panic, I called myself, only to find my bag - the bag I had with me all along - ringing (and waking Dylan up in the process).
Turned out my phone was on me all along, just in a bag compartment different to the one I usually stash it in.

Question is, is senility having a go at me, is it just lack of sleep, or are they both joining hands?

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