Thursday, 6 November 2008

Sugar Dylan

On Melbourne Cup Day we went for a drive to an old favorite, At the Heads in Barwon Heads, where we had lunch with the usual servings of small portions at ridiculously expensive prices (you pay for the view).
What a great holiday Melbourne Cup Day is! For a start, it's a brilliant idea: It's not a holiday that's there to celebrate someone getting killed, it's not in celebration of some war, and it's not a celebration of some silly and unsubstantiated myth. It's just a good time for a spring break! Note how impolitely I ignore the abuse of horses and the gambling that's involved with what this holiday is. But anyway, because Melbourne Cup is a Melbourne only holiday we didn't have to pay the stupendous 15% public holiday surcharge they charge in At the Heads.
In order to try out the video mode of my new PDA I took the following video of Dylan playing with a sugar pack. It's not the greatest ever; you can tell this is not a proper camera. It is, however, nice to see Dylan is so happily integrating into Melbourne's latte culture!

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