Monday, 17 November 2008

Long in the Tooth

Several websites Jo ran into last night, like this one, come up with such claims as: "A lot of research has been done which shows that babies are not more irritable or unwell when teeth come through."
My thoughts of such insight? Ha! Pah! And of course: Stick this up your ***!
I'm only saying this because this weekend that came and went was a pain in the ***. Dylan has showed severe teething signs before, but this weekend he hardly ate, was as disquiet as a disco let loose, and ended up mostly crying. All the time. I never imagined I could be so upset by someone else not eating, but here I am telling you this has been the case all weekend long!
Obviously, I'm not blaming Dylan even for a second. If he'll let you you can have a look at his gums and see the teeth coming out, white pointy peaks first, with gum meat in between; it's obvious the gum meat has to go somewhere, hence the pain.
I strongly suspect the people coming up with quotes like the above one are of the Intelligent Design camp (closely affiliated to Orwell's Ministry of Truth).

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