Friday, 10 October 2008

Like Father Like Son

They say that you should take your baby to the toilet with you so they can learn the business and, eventually, quit using nappies. And in a particular moment today, in which Jo was busy cooking, I had to go to the toilet, and neither of us knew what to do with baby Dylan while we're both engaged, I was reminded of what "they" say.
So I took him with me for a demonstration of what it is that men do standing up in the toilet room.
At first Dylan was quite impressed with the impact of the drizzle on the toilet's water. Then he gave the source of the current a very investigative look. Then trouble started.
Dylan decided the next best thing to do is to flip the toilet closed. Now, I think I can boast good control over my bladder, but I'm not that quick; by the time I've restrained myself the need to do some cleaning off the now closed toilet cover was more than obvious. Well, at least pee is sterile.
While I was cleaning Dylan decided that this toilet cover thing is really cool and started playing with it. Big mistake; next thing I knew he shut it on his own fingers, and while our toilet cover is a fairly light piece of plastic it was enough to start a traumatic cry of the type that required Dylan to be picked up for consolidation. Only that I was in the middle of cleaning the spill and could ill afford messing with a baby.
I think I can confidently say Dylan was not ready for this big event to take place just yet.

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