Friday, 12 September 2008

The Aroma Diet

I seem to have stumbled upon an ingenious new diet scheme, and I thought I'd share it with my loyal readers.
Being that we're in Israel now, we went to have a couple of days off in the Dead Sea are ("off" as in off the crazy mansion that is my parents' place, more about which in a post that will follow when time allows). Being that there aren't that many places to eat around the Dead Sea, with such elegant choices as McDonald's and Burger King, both boasting being the lowest burger serving place on earth but both contenders for the most expensive junk food on earth (and probably in the galaxy entire).
Given the luck of choice we went to eat at a place called Aroma, a sandwich place whose main attraction is free wi-fi. Their main business is serving sandwiches, and they seem to have a special knack at it because since eating there a day and a half ago I can't seem to be eating much else and I keep on running to the toilet. Or rather, my recent diet has been pills of Imodium.
While this is a very effective way for me to lose weight, I sort of feel there should be better ways to achieve that goal instead. For now, I will settle with advising the world to avoid eating at this Aroma place. Matter of fact, avoid eating at any crap sandwiches places whose main specialty is to boast an appearance, but an appearance alone, of being sophisticated.
Consider yourself warned.

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