Wednesday, 24 September 2008

99 Luftballons

Here's a video that's made of three separate clips we took while in England.
The first two videos were taken in Jo parents' living room on our second day in England, which happened to be the day in which they organized a party for Georgia. Dylan was heavily jet lagged and therefore rather too active.
The second video was taken a few days later at a pub in York (the original one, not the New one). We got to York with Jo's parents who wanted to go to the York Castle Museum, only that they wouldn't let baby strollers in there because of so called fire regulations. Don't ask me why this was the case; the place boasts being wheel chair friendly, so why wouldn't they allow baby strollers? In England they seem to be so in love with following stupid regulations to the letter while totally disregarding any sense of reason that they managed to get on my nurves many a time and almost get me arrested (but more on that later).
The only way we could carry Dylan was using some weird and uncomfortable contraption to hang Dylan on our backs with. Dylan was way too big for it and it didn't feel comfortable in the least, so we just gave up and went to have lunch in this pub. Jo's parents, however, still went to the museum; I don't know if they had a good time there or not, but I know they would have enjoyed the pub lunch with us.
In retrospect, this York experience symbolized the family experience we have been indulged with during our overseas excursion.
For now, enjoy the video.

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