Thursday, 28 August 2008

Eee Power

I know I'm repeating myself here, but I would like to say that our Asus Eee PC is proving to be quite an asset in our current European adventures.
It simply does everything one would need to do while away and does it well. It easily connects to a wi-fi network, which for us meant we could quickly compare car rental companies and book a car for the upcoming weekend for the stupid cost of a mere 30GBP (Ford Focus for 3 days from Hertz). To supplement our weekend adventure we've booked a room at Bath's Holiday Inn Express (59GPB per night), which should hopefully allow us to admire Bath's architecture, marvel at Stonehenge, and have a passing glimpse of Oxford while driving back "home" (that is, Jo parents' place). All navigation and itinerary planning are done using the web, with Google Maps having a significant role.
Travel planning aside, we're using the Eee PC to keep up to date with emails, entertain ourselves, do some very safe internet banking (the safest it can be, given that our Eee is a Linux one; no reason to worry about viruses, torjans, spyware, and the rest of the traps that lurk in Windows land).
Weighing less than a kilo and measuring the same as the paperback I brought with me, the Eee PC is an indispensable tool while on the move.

P.S. Time limitations mean I am unable to report much of out travels. I will leave that duty to the photos I'll upload to Flickr, but that will probably have to wait till we're back home as preparing the photos takes even longer than blogging. So for the record, we're taking things easy (not much of a choice there, given the baby) and are having a good time.

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wile.e.coyote said...

I heard otherwise, I heard it can not fine the HIFI in a lot of places....