Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Windy Wind

We woke up this morning to the sound of the alarm clock playing a preselected radio station. But there was also another sound in the air: the sound of high winds and heavy rains. In fact, according to that preselected radio station, the winds reached 100km/h in our area.
Today was a childcare day for Dylan and I really didn't feel like taking him there, despite him being childcare ready (as in, not that sick) for a change. It's the combination of rain and wind, which means you can't really do anything but get soaked: an umbrella would just fold on itslef and a rain coat would just cover your upper torso.
The obstacles in the way were far from promising. There's putting Dylan in the car. There's parking next to the station and assembling the pram in the unprotected area next to the car. There's the walk to the station with full on wind exposure and some nasty ponds that fill your business shoes up with water, guaranteeing cold feet throughout the day. Then there's the wait for the train, and who knows when that would arrive - they seem to be pretty sensitive to the weather, these crappy old trains. And then there's a 20 minute walk from the train station to childcare, a walk which cannot be replaced by a tram ride because there's no way the pram would fit on a tram (definitely not during rush hour when it's also raining). Dylan might be protected in his pram; I won't. No, I wasn't looking forward to this one.
But then Jo, the brains in our outfit, came up with a bright idea: why won't we take the car?
Well, why won't we? We did.
We left really early expecting severe traffic jams, preparing ourselves psychologically by repeating that at least we'll be all together in the warm confinement of the car. Instead, we were waiting on the childcare's door ages before their opening time after parking in the building's own parking lot and having not encountered a single traffic jam on the way. Office colleagues attribute that to the rise in fuel prices: they claim that over the last few months the roads are growing emptier and emptier. That might be true, but the major reason is probably the school holidays that befell us.
With public transport being so bad, even greenies like us can forget our origins and choose the car.

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