Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Time to brag

This post is about me doing some unselfish good deed.
The thing about this post is that I didn't know whether I should write it or not. It's not nice to brag, and it's even worse to say "look at me, I'm doing so much good"; if you want to do some good, then go ahead and do it, don't buy a $2 charity plastic wrist band and wear it to the gym hoping all the hot girls would want to have sex with you because you're the world's savior.
Given the logic above this post shouldn't really exist. Or should it?
Well, then I had second thoughts. First, there's the general purpose of this blog, which is to document the things I'm going through and the things that go through my mind, and if some unselfish good act occupies the premises for a brief while then it should be documented. Second, more importantly, and the main reason why this post is here, is that maybe through reading this post others would be inspired to perform similar deeds.

Before getting to the deed itself, here's the background story explaining why my unselfish act was not as unselfish as it may seem.
From time to time we receive spam phone calls, as in - calls from companies wanting to sell us stuff. Recent legislation caused these calls to be limited to charity organizations, but these calls are still a pain in the ass. Personally, when I answer the phone to such a cold caller, I have no problems telling them to fuck off (I tend to be more polite, although still ruthless). Jo, however, is not as ruthless as I am, actually sympathizing with the people whose job it is to make those tough calls and who routinely meet nastiness of my likeness on the answering side. Thus we end up giving money away to charities we were not that likely to give money to otherwise.
So I came up with a bright idea: Wouldn't it be better if we gave our money away to the charity of our choice? It would also give us a good excuse to explain why we can't donate to weirdo charity X the next time they call; after all, our resources are limited.
My ingenious plan was presented and accepted by my better half.

The choice of charity funds was pretty straight forward: Oxfam.
There are three reasons for Oxfam's selection:
1. Oxfam is an efficient fund. That is, only a small percentage of its money is spent on administration or salaries etc.
2. Oxfam is a secular organization. God does not have a saying with them.
3. Oxfam's actions are exactly the type of stuff I would like to see my money spent on when it comes to charity.

And all this brings me to my actual brag: From now on, and on a monthly basis, a small sum of money (pretty small, to be honest) would be donated out of our bank account to Oxfam.
Ain't I cool?


wile.e.coyote said...

Well done, it is not a lot, but as we all know, the fact that you are giving any part of your money to someone else is a great step for you.
I think you should continue and hit a tag called "Get Active".
At first before helping real people (too much at this stage) you can start by being the "IT Coordinator" of them (position is open in Victoria), only few hours a week and can assist a lot
Later on we can continue with talking and helping some real people, but let's take it step by step.

As of me, I think pushing people to assist to more then enough

Moshe Reuveni said...

What the fluck?