Monday, 7 July 2008

Blog for your life

By now all the newspapers and such have reported about it, but I would still prefer to refer you to the Scientific American article here. It reports the results of research that indicating that blogging is good for you, as in - people who blogged had a higher chance of overcoming cancer, to name but one example.
Not that I think the research is that accurate. For a start, it claims blogging improves your sleep, which definitely doesn't apply in my case as most of my blogging is done when I should actually be asleep. That said, it does discuss the addictive nature of blogging, and I certainly am. It reminded me of an interview with Don Henley (of The Eagles) we listened to last night on the car radio, where he said that writing the first verse of Hotel California was better than sex. I don't know about that, but writing is a pleasure none the less.
Read it and blog.


Uri said...

I don't really see why this is news. I've always heard that keeping a diary is healthy. Why should a blog be any different?

I wonder what research would say about people who read blogs. Did you just shorten my life?

Moshe Reuveni said...

I agree with you, but still - it was in the news here. Maybe because Australia has a hard time coming up with worthy news items.
As for reading blogs, Sciam had something about cancer patients achieving greater understanding and acquiring more sympathy when reading others' blogs (where these others say how they managed cancer). But you're probably right.