Saturday, 28 June 2008

Toys R Us

A collection of not that interesting circumstances colliding recently meant that Dylan has got himself a bunch of interesting new toys, in particular an abacus, a bath toy ship that is quite big and is captained by Captain Stubing, and a xylophone.
The following video shows Dylan reaction to the introduction of the xylophone. Sadly, I was late with taking this video, because his initial surprise with the ship and his reaction to the unveiling of the xylophone were definitely Kodak moments; then again, I should be happy with what we do have (and I am):

And while we're in the Shvoong, here's a bonus video of Dylan. It's actually a video that was taken in order to calm him down: he was crying for one reason or another, and because the camera has a soothing effect on him I turned it on. The video turned out to be funny enough for us to keep a hold of it...
It shows Dylan's world famous sucking motion, and it also shows how easily he manipulates us to give him sweet apple instead of not so nice vegetables.

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