Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Six Dollar Baby

Since his grommet operation, Dylan feels like a new baby: he's much more lively than he has been lately. The bionic ears certainly have helped in him affirming his status as the cutest baby in our house (and if I'm allowed to add, by quite a large margin).
In celebration of Dylan's getting rid of his ear infection, at least for the time being, and of us getting a new camera to shoot his videos with, here are the three videos of his we've taken so far.

In the first video Dylan is eating home made pasta. Note the references to Flight of the Conchords' "Business Time", which you can learn more about here:

The second videos features Dylan messing with his lightsaber. It's not the most exciting video ever, but it's cute:

And in the third video, Dylan is forced to demonstrate his ability to stand up on his own:

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