Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Medical Conference

Dylan is sick - again - and it's not even your average cold, so I stayed home - again - and took him to the doctor - again.
We went to the clinic a couple of blocks away from where we live. We're quite the frequent flyers there and by now we know most of their doctors. Today's doctor was a Liverpool supporter, a guy whose name betrays some sort of Greek heritage.
After he examined Dylan and after lengthy discussions, we have agreed on the following:
  1. By far, Russia has been the most impressive team so far in the Euro tournament. We would both like them to win if they manage to display the same form they have disaplyed so far.
  2. Holland was very impressive up to its defeat to Russia.
  3. It's a pity the games are arranged so that the semi finals pits teams that have already played one another in the group stage rather than expose us to new match-ups. That said, we understand that this is due to the need to allow teams similar resting periods between games.
  4. Australian Rules might be a nice game, but it's way too violent for us to want our kids to play it. It's good for people looking to beat one another up, though.
  5. The best thing to happen so far in the Euro is that we got rid of Italy.

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