Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Committed any genocide lately?

Less than a week ago, the CIA told us that Al Qaeda is on the ropes and that even that famous area where Bin Laden has been hiding, somewhere between Pakistan and Afghanistan, is no longer your five star all inclusive terrorist resort.
But just as all evil is about to be subdued by the greatest nation on earth, a new means has been devised to make sure no scum enters its borders.
Up until now the USA has had to rely on the foolproof protection provided by the entry form each foreigner had to fill in order to step into the holy land. The form (refer to the attached picture) includes that famous question that by now must have helped the capturing of many a famous evil doer, the question we'd all love to answer with a yes, "did you take part in genocide". I mean, we're all committing genocide all the time: through inaction we're letting genocide take place in Darfur and many other places that do not have oil fields for us to covet, and by burning the oil we do put our hands on we're ensuring plenty of misery for generations to come.
Perhaps this is why things are about to change. Al Qaeda may be on the ropes and genocide committers are exposed one by one, but now the USA wants citizens of countries that have enjoyed the privileges of its visa waiver program to to register online at least three days prior to entry.
No doubt about it: From now on, terrorism is history.

On a more serious note: If the USA was to invest half as much as it wastes "fighting terror" on constructive measures instead, think how better this world of ours could be.
More than a trillion dollars were spent on the oil war in Iraq and more is still being spent. What would the world be like if this money was invested fighting global warming and poverty instead?

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