Sunday, 18 May 2008

True Blue

After exactly six years in Australia, today I can finally declare we have become real Australians. No, it's not like we went through a repeat of our citizenship ceremonies, and no, we haven't all of a sudden started becoming suspicious and intolerant of bloody foreigners. No, today Jo and I visited the Building and Renovation Expo, thus officially involving ourselves in Australia's favorite pastime and most demanding occupation - the messing around with one's home in particular and real estate in general, to levels way beyond buying a home just in order to happily live there. You're not an Australian until you truly tinker with your home or buy yourself an investment property.
The expo itself wasn't the most interesting thing ever, as one might easily deduce. The concept of an exposition is problematic, because the abundance of people makes it hard to investigate an exhibit in depth; you just go about collecting ideas.
It was fun, though: we met up with friends we haven't seen for way too long, for a start; and then there's Dylan: I usually complain how hard it is to look after him but rarely mention just how cute he is. He was a really good boy, and didn't complain for a second despite us taking him to this boring place (although for him it was probably full of stimulation).

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre's parking lot was full, so we parked on a side street instead and had ourselves a bit of a walk. We approached through the Crown Casino's rear, which reminded me of something I first noticed while touring New York as a child: how a glamorous place such as a casino can appear shiny and sparkling from its front, while the back looks neglected and makes you afraid of being mugged.
Then again, in the casino's case it is probably the rear that projects its true image.

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