Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Sick in the head

By now it has become routine: Dylan catches a cold in childcare, Jo catches it a couple of days later, and soon enough we're all one happily sick family. Thus I ended up taking care of Dylan at home while sick myself, and thus the two of us ended up at the doctor's yesterday.
After the joint appointment we were welcomed at reception by a sign saying they've increased doctors' fees to $62 per appointment in order to compensate for the rising CPI (inflation, in plain Hebrew). I asked whether Medicare have also increased their rebate to compensate for the rising CPI and I got the look reserved for hasslers and was told off with a "not yet". Doesn't it inspire you with confidence to know that a visit to the doctor in one of the world's richest countries will leave you with a $30 out of pocket expense? I'm rushing off to have myself another baby.
Anyway, I actually needed to pay for two appointments, as the receptionist kindly informed me. While reaching out for the calculator near her! Quickl, without thinking twice, I said "$124"; shame on me, though, because I obviously put her in a corner she didn't particularly want to be in.
The point of this post is this: Where have we come to that people cannot multiply 62 by 2 in their heads? I can't boast to be much better - my brain bits in charge of calculations are as rotten as state and federal government - but come on, don't tell me we're already living Asimov's Nine Tomorrows?
I would recommend that receptionist give the Nintendo DS' Brain training a go. It did wonders in removing substantial rust from my head, and it's entertaining too. More about Nintendo in a future post, but for now - think about the sorry state of affairs for Aussie health and education. Obviously, what this country really needs is a billion dollars worth of a car tunnel under the city, the dredging of Port Phillip Bay, and hundreds of millions invested in so called "clean coal" technologies.


Moshe Reuveni said...

For the record, the Medicare rabate for your regular doctor's appointment (the kind you go to when you have a cold) is currently$32.80

Uri E. said...

The Feeling of Power. Great story.

Moshe Reuveni said...