Monday, 26 May 2008

Selling My Soul

I put our collection of plastic baby bottles for sale on eBay tonight. The item description is enclosed below; you can judge how evil I can be for yourselves:

An entire armada of baby bottles is here for sale, together with additional accessories. All together they would take care of all your baby's bottle needs:
-3 large Avent bottles (330ml): Used once or twice, they feature variable flow teats that can be adjusted by twisting.
-5 medium Avent bottles (260ml): The bottles come with medium flow teats. These bottles and their lids have our baby's name written on them with a marker. The markings quickly fade with sterilization.
-4 small Avent bottles (125ml): The bottles come with slow flow teats that are good for newborns.
-Bonus 2 Tommee Tippee large bottles (260ml): Hardly used, these bottles come with slow flow as well as medium flow teats.
-2 Avent sip cup lids: These allow you to turn any Avent bottle into a sip cup.
-2 Avent handles: These allow your baby to hold any Avent bottle by himself/herself.
Note all Avent teats, lids and cups are interchangeable; you can switch them between the different size bottles at will.

The following photo demonstrates an Avent bottle fitted with a sip cup lid and handles next to a normally fitted Avent bottle:

The following photo demonstrates all four types of baby bottles on sale here for size comparison:

Why are we selling the bottles? Please read before you bid:

The reason we are selling our collection of Avent and Tommee Tippee bottles is to do with growing concerns about the safety of bottles made using BPA, a type of plastic. As you can read in an article from the reputable magazine Scientific American here, there is reason to suspect that BPA is interpreted by the body as female hormones. Babies in particular would be susceptible to the effects, which could lead to unnatural effects.
Note that while the harmful effects of BPA are still being contested, what is obvious is that BPA was never proven to be safe.
As a result, we have decided to feed our baby using glass bottles only. We encourage you to do the same. In fact, we don't care if our bottles here do not sell as long as we managed to inform a few parents about what could be the safer option.
We appreciate that in today's world everything is bad for you to one extent or another. If you are considering Avent or Tommee Tippee bottles, our bottles are as good as anyone else's (new or used). We cannot deny that the Avent bottles are extremely user friendly and really made the difference when our baby had colic: all the other bottles we tried made him miserable, but the Avents were a winner.

Conditions of Auction:
1. Please ask all questions before bidding.
2. While I accept PayPal because eBay forces me to, I have to say I would prefer direct deposit. If you want to hear what I think of eBay's greed and the reasons why they force us to use PayPal, please contact me privately or read the submissions I and others have submitted to the ACCC here.
3. Payment within 5 working days, please.
4. I will do my best to post the item on the next business day after the payment has been received.
5. No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage with Australia Post.