Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sell My Soul?

A couple of weeks have past since we have decided there is enough evidence to lead us to abandon Dylan's BPA rich Avent baby bottles with non BPA ones, as reported here. By now we have received Dylan's new glass bottles from the USA, and I can confidently report that they're crap and that they leak everywhere - but we're still using them and we've stashed all of our Avent bottles away. Yesterday we've also found an a nearby shop that sells glass baby bottles for half the price we got them (it's the postage from the USA that makes the difference), but we're not mourning.
The question at hand at the moment is this: what should we do with our existing stock of Avent bottles? We're talking about a fleet of bottles we've accumulated since Dylan was born.
For the past few years, our default solution for getting rid of stuff we no longer need was to sell it on eBay. However, as Jo was quick to point out to me, selling potentially poisonous bottles is a bit immoral, isn't it?
Well, I don't know, and I was hoping you'd help me out here. My problem is that it's a bit of a gray area. If someone wants to buy Avent bottles, does it matter whether they're buying them from us or from someone else? If anything, if they buy our second hand bottles it means that Avent will make less money overall, so the "good side" scores a point; not to mention the reduced environmental impact of recycling over buying new. On the other hand, I do not want to be the Eichmann I can avoid being, even though I'm pretty sure I do bad things through lack of awareness all the time.
I suspect the natural tendency for most people reading this post would be to argue against me calling the baby bottle manufacturers criminals and argue that this post shows I'm not dissimilar to them. There's a lot of truth in this observation; we are very much alike, the people working for these companies and I, and my point in the past has indeed been that major league crimes are mostly made by people like you and I. Nazi DNA is no different to "rest of us" DNA. However, I think there's a difference between me and them; a significant difference. They knowingly chose to create the problem of potentially hazardous bottles in the first place, which means they could have easily prevented the problem in the first place; I have to find the best compromise for dealing with a problem that's already very much there.

So... What should I do? How should I get rid of the bottles?
The solution I thought of so far as the best compromise is simple: publish the bottles on eBay, but clearly state exactly why the bottles are for sale. If someone still wants to get them, fine; they would have gotten them anyway somewhere else. But if, on the way, I would stop a few people from buying Avent baby bottles, then I can declare myself successful.
Your insight would be greatly appreciated.


miss-elaineous said...

Use them as flower vases?

Moshe Reuveni said...

Yes, but what will we do with the nipples?

You're the second person to suggest that. I wonder if it's a woman thing; I would never dream of doing that.
I think I'd still stick to my original course. It would be funny to see how an eBay item that says "don't buy me" does, it's good publicity, and besides - I don't think our house is big enough for 14 Avent flower vases.