Thursday, 15 May 2008

One worry less

Reading today’s Age, I noticed that one of the ideas we have been deliberating about quite a lot at home seems to have been sorted out for us.
You may remember we were considering installing solar panels on our roof. While the cost is quite prohibitive at north of $10,000 (a typical installation is around $13,500), this is offset a bit by a government rebate of $8000, which – for the record – still does not make the installation of the panels a financially viable investment.
Well, today’s paper says that Peter Garrett, the former singing environmentalist turned poodle, has “announced in the budget that from yesterday only households earning less than $100,000 would qualify for the rebate.” No need to worry about the government’s environmental credentials, though: while it had “delayed the start of a promised $500 million renewable energy fund until 2009-10”, it had also “accelerated spending from a similar fund dedicated to experimental clean-coal research”.
That’s it, then, as far as us toying with the idea of solar panels. Anyone who earns less than $100K wouldn't be bothered with solar panels anyway because they won't be able to afford it, so unless you're a company or a school no one would buy them now.
If anyone was wondering why this blog is called Going Down, there you have it: that is where all of us are heading. No one is really interested in addressing global warming; the powers that be are still very much on business as usual mode, whether it’s the Liberals or Labor who are officially in charge.
I’m seriously contemplating joining the Greens. It’s not like I agree with everything they do and the way they do things, but they’re the closest I am aware of to having an organization that actually does something worthwhile.


Wicked Little Critta said...

Huzzah for pessimists!

A favorite bumper sticker of mine asks: "Where are we going? And why are we all in this handbasket?"

Moshe Reuveni said...

Do you want a pessimist's answer to the first question?

Moshe Reuveni said...

More seriously, though, I would say that in the case of global warming I'm a realist rather than a pessimist.
It's not just the Australian government; your Bush is way worse. Australia ratified Kyoto but it was more of a token than anything else; it provided for some good PR and showed that we can stand up from time to time against that stupid Bush dude, as powerful as he might be. But it was nothing to do with addressing global warming; if anything, it provided the power holders with some extra time to continue with their business as usual.
I would say that humanity in general is like a frog in boiling water. By the time we'll realize we have to make an effort and jump out, we'll be cooked to death.