Saturday, 3 May 2008

Mission: Impossible

Friends from the other side of Melbourne have recently challenged us. As lovers of chocolates and anything sweet, they asked if we were familiar with this place that topped the list of The Age's Top 40 Eats with their vanilla slices (the cake type thing that is known in Israel as Creme Schnitt).
Our team of researchers took the challenge seriously, and this afternoon we visited said place. We didn't really have lunch, so the big slice of vanilla we got was pretty much it. As Jo & I shared it between us, you can say that the six something dollar lunch was as cheap as lunches get... More importantly, though, this was indeed one mighty vanilla slice (as the photo taken with my PDA demonstrates). Most other places have this yellow thing that is full of sugar as their vanilla, but here we had ourselves some very creamy vanilla served with a bit of cream on the side and stuck in between pastry that actually tastes nice and is covered by fine sugar. Sure, this wasn't the healthiest lunch ever, but it was one of the better desserts ever recorded by man (ask Jo if the same applied to women).
Talking about desserts, Jo didn't let me order another slice for dessert. Don't worry, though: this is a definitive case of "I'll be back". The real question is actually whether said friends will bother visiting our side of town for a taste of the promised slice. If they're anything like my Israeli friends coming to visit me in Australia, I wouldn't hold my breath.


Moshe Reuveni said...

For the record and in order to ensure I have insulted the people I meant to insult:
The closing comment was aimed at the friends from the northern hemisphere. In a dialog last week it seemed as if one of them thinks of coming to Australia as some form of a punishment. This post is the result.

MC said...

Thanks Moshe for completeing the research for us, the conclusion seems rather emphatic. I gather the task was not too taxing for your taste buds and it always good to give our stomach a good work out once in a while. It's definitely on the dessert map to visit. If I can get over the warm chocolate cake that I had on the weekend that I wasn't able to finish...

Moshe Reuveni said...

All in the name of science, of course.
Looking forward to having a proper excuse for more!

Moshe Reuveni said...

To those who have been telling Jo off for eating a huge slice, here's a crash course in photography:
The photo was taken using a wide angle lens (of the time commonly provided in PDA's and mobile phones). These lenses cause items closer to the camera to appear bigger than items further away. That is, they change the perspective; things no longer behave the way we expect them to.
So no, that slice wasn't as big as Jo's head. I wish.