Monday, 19 May 2008

Let's call it Routine

By now the question has been raised multiple times by multiple parties: Are you going to see the new Indiana Jones film? And then people are shocked to hear I will wait for the DVD; how can I, the father of a would be Indy, fail to watch the new Indy film the second it comes out?
Well, there are some good reasons why I’m not rushing to get my tickets.
First of all, it is plain obvious the new Indy will suck, probably even more than the third. It is a film made by a committee in order to satisfy everybody, and since that is impossible it would probably fail to satisfy anyone. It took something special, much more than an aroma of non conformism, to come up with a worthy sequel to Raiders; by the third episode that specialty was gone.
I could have added that technically, a film is much better presented at the home theater than the cinemas but that is probably not the case now that we have to keep sound levels down if we want to maintain a sleeping Dylan. What I will say on the presentation quality side of things to those who put special emphasis on the digital cinematic experience is that digital is not necessarily better.
Technicalities aside, what is obvious once you ignore the meaningless hype is that a good film remains just as good a film when you watch it six months later on DVD. Essentially, there is no reason to rush and see the new Indy other than enjoy the general atmosphere of hype. As in, the meaningless general atmosphere of hype, generated primarily so that people will still go to see a film even though it sucks. Let's face it: there are going to be tons of good films made after we die and we'll miss them all, yet we rightly ignore that as we go about living our lives.
Still, none of the above is good enough reason not to go to the cinemas to watch Mr Ford. After all, it’s not like we haven’t been to the cinema before knowing fully well that we are going to watch a bad film (as per the case of the more recent Star Wars).
Ultimately, the real reason for us not going is Dylan’s routine. As I painstakingly explained to a friend yesterday, once you have a baby that goes to sleep at night, you will do everything you can to keep that baby asleep. In our experience, Dylan’s schedule is all about routine, and it is clearly noticeable how one habit here and another habit there can ruin months of effort put in there primarily to ensure we all get a good night sleep. The penalties for deviation are pretty obvious: the entire week following an event where Dylan does wake up in the middle of the night, usually because of some sickness, is f*cked up. You just don’t want to mess with success.
To give you a clear example of the importance of routine I’ll rewind to Friday night. Jo went out for dinner with her mothers group’s friends and I was left to give Dylan his pre-bed evening bottle. Usually, we have the TV on and we all watch ABC news as Dylan drinks, but that night I didn't bother with the TV. Dylan, however, wouldn’t take it: he kept on looking up to the TV in anticipation to see his favorite characters and just wouldn’t drink; I had to turn the TV on to make him drink, after which he happily went to bed.
Thus the option of keeping Dylan awake till late so we can all go to the cinema doesn’t exist. Mind you, as I have reported already, he identifies so much with what he sees in a film that an Indy film would be too much for him to digest anyway; we wouldn’t even dream of taking him the cinema with us even if he came with a mute button and was guaranteed not to make too much noise. And since we don’t have a babysitter (and if we had one we’d rather use it to do something we cannot get six months later on DVD, like go to the theater or indulge in a nice long and quiet dinner), the DVD is our only option.


wile.e.coyote said...

well we went to see the movie in the 1st (OK 2nd) digital cinema in Israel.
Usually I don't care about these details, but in this case you could see the diffrenece (ignoring that 2 out of the 3 projectors put a shade on the screen from the 3rd one).
I thought it will suck as H is too old, bear didn't want to go at all, Owls were the only animals that really wanted to see it so we went (and added our Shark).
Suprisignly it was a very good movie, even that he is old as Mr. Greber (or something) he can lough on himself and yet make a movie that makes you lough all the way.
Don't wait for the DVD

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I have to say I have a problem following you up on all the animal characters; isn't it time to move on?
For the record, you haven't convinced me enough to believe I would laugh less in 6 months time with the DVD. Definitely not enough to leave Dylan on his own for several hours with no caretaker.

wile.e.coyote said...

the fact that one can not catch a small yellow bird for 20 years that not mean he is not a cat anymore
up to you but it is a great movie to see on a very big screen