Thursday, 22 May 2008

Business Time

It's funny to have this follow up on posts dealing with routine and discussing the concept of midlife crisis, but as we say in France - c'est la vie.
While driving back from work and childcare, Triple J played this song on the radio and quickly enough Jo and I were laughing our guts off. The song is called "Business Time" and it's by a New Zealand comic band called Flight of the Conchords. Apparently, they have a TV series currently running and this song is taken from episode 5; we obviously need to give the series a look.
It took me half a second to find the song on YouTube, so enjoy yourselves with the following pretty accurate description of life, the way it really is:


Wicked Little Critta said...

I love Flight of the Conchords.

But you didn't seem to like "Humans are Dead..."

Moshe Reuveni said...

I did and I thankful for the introduction (I did hear of them before, though).
That said, Business Time raises the bar quite significantly. This one knocked me out with laughter, mostly because unlike Humans Are Dead it's pretty accurate...
Even in a line such as "Tuesday is when I teach your mother how to use the video recorder again". In most of my communications with either parent I tend to eventually act my role of Official Technical Advisor. If only I could make a living out of it.