Sunday, 13 April 2008

Lunch at Barwon Heads

Today we took Dylan for lunch at this restaurant, "At The Heads" in Barwon Heads, which we have been visiting rather frequently over the last couple of years. Dylan himself was there twice already, with the first time being when he was just six weeks old.
The nice thing about the restaurant is that it's right on the water, so you have 270 degree views of the water around you. The views are quite nice: on one side you see the mouth of the Barwon river and on the other the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, the bay Melbourne resides in. There's a lot of shipping action involved, too, with ships going in and out of the bay. Amongst the numerous ships bringing in containers of stuff we don't really need from China I suspect we actually spotted the ship that is currently dredging the bay doing its work: there was this big ship that didn't seem to go anywhere but lingered at the entrance to the bay.
Anyway, to commemorate the lunch, we took the following video. Talking lunch, I do have to say that At The Heads specializes in seafood (not our cup of tea other than normal fish) and that it's quite expensive for what you get - you do pay a dear premium for the location. We tend to think it's worth the admission price overall, and we're not alone - the place tends to be packed.
So here goes:

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