Monday, 10 March 2008

Tasmanian Holiday: Introcution

A few hours ago we landed back from our five days vacation in Tasmania. As usual I find that Melbourne sorts of ruins vacations a bit because you're always coming back to a place that is much better than where you've just vacated. Jo corrects me as I type this by asking whether I would think the same after a Connex train adventure and after finding a dead cockroach in our dishwasher upon coming back home, but still - it's good to be back home.
Given that this time around we took the Asus Eee PC with us, I was able to write a detailed account on each of our adventuring days (well, except for today). That said, I wasn't able to post these posts on air because internet connections in Australia are governed by a monopoly called Telstra that excels in taking people's money: Free wi-fi connections are very rare to come by. At the hotel we stayed in, for example, I could pay $12 per hour of internet connectivity or $20 per day (they wouldn't know what connection quality I would get); I chose to wait until I return home.
For now and until I post my accounts I'll just say that our first plane trip with Dylan it has been a devil of a holiday. If this is an indication of what will take place when we fly long range to visit our families, we would pretty much have to turn our logic circuitry off when booking flights.

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