Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Didn't sort new tooth?

Vampires live amongst us.
Dylan is proof: last night we felt our way to an emerging tooth in his upper gum, his very first. Contrary to common human teething habits, Dylan has started with a side tooth, proving that he's a blood sucking vampire. And also explaining why he's been much more of a pain lately, the poor fellow. Note to intelligent designers (what an oxymoron!): you have to be either an idiot or truly evil to design the teeth to pierce through the flesh.
Today we've found that the two teeth on the upper gum that usually appear first, the rabbit teeth, are also on their way out. We thus have ourselves a brand new can opener at home! And a portable one at that, with Dylan already able to push himself backwards to randomly wander the house while showing ominous signs of being able to raise his behind in preparation for some serious crawling.

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