Thursday, 27 March 2008

Compulsive excessiveness

Through some chain of events to do with an ongoing quest to find an energy saving CFL light to fit the light socket on our recently installed ceiling fan, I found myself this Tuesday night walking through a rather empty Kmart.
As Jo has predicted, they were selling Easter eggs at 50% off, and since we are both choco-junkies the idea of getting some definitely had an appeal. So I got some, even though I think weight wise they were still more expensive than regular chocolate; don't say I'm always as rational as I should be.
Then I got home and went ahead to unpack the eggs. It was then that we were both found ourselves to be in quite a bit of a shock: the amount of packaging on those Easter eggs was just enormous! Each egg was enclosed in a carton box, underneath which lied a rather sophisticated plastic packaging, underneath which laid a rather small egg consuming probably less than 20% of the box's size. The packaging filled up our recycling bin quite convincingly. It wasn't just shocking; it was annoying.
In a world where it is now clear we should all do our little bit to make this planet livable, such waste is totally inexcusable. The eggs would have been just as edible in much smaller and economic packaging, even if they wouldn't have looked as big and as sexy. The need manufacturers have to pack their merchandise in such a way says more than a bit about us, the customers, and what we deem important in our purchasing decisions (and, come to think of it, all of our decisions in general).
No Easter eggs for me, no come back one year.

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