Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bread and Cheese

Any time is a good time for a new Dylan video, even if this time the implication is that I will hardly get any sleep. Again.
This time around we have been feeding Dylan with cottage cheese on top of wholemeal bread. It's the first time he's eating cheese, but the reason we took the camera our was our Dylan holding a piece of bread with each hand while another is stuck in his mouth. The little piglet!
Naturally, by the time the camera was ready this bit was all over, but you can still admire the big mess that is Dylan feeding himself.
A word of warning to the delicate amongst thy viewers: the video does contain profanities, mainly due to a new work laptop with Windows Vista installed on it. It's amazing how a Core 2 Duo laptop with 2 gigs of RAM can crawl along so slowly; takes some effort to achieve that, not to mention the "friendliest" user interface ever.

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