Sunday, 10 February 2008


Some times, even I can make big mistakes. Such was the time when I bought this Kylie album: I really liked the song Confide in Me, and I kept hearing my brother's words in my head - that I should practice listening to her before moving to Australia.
Confide in Me is indeed a nice song, but the rest of the album was pretty awful and its sound was pretty bad; I only listened to it twice. A total waste of money, but a worthwhile lesson: don't listen to hype.

Needless to say, this post is not about bad music. Minogue was just something I thought about when facing a Dylan with a fever of 39.5 degrees after coming back home from work on Friday evening.
He was feverish the night before but not as badly. We thought it's teething but Jo took him to the doctor earlier that day to find he has an ear infection. Thing is, with 39.5 degrees and with the knowledge that babies this age can just go off within a couple of hours, I was scared.
We went to the doctor again (lucky for us the clinic next to us is open late). My main question was when do we need to go and visit the emergency room, and in typical fashion we did not receive what I would consider a proper answer; the doctor told us that we need to go if Dylan is "listless", that is, if "the world's best comedian is performing next to him and he doesn't notice". I hate inconclusive answers like that; why can't they give us an answer that can be easily verified? If we were to measure Dylan's temperature and find that, for argument's sake, he has a fever of 57 degrees, should we act like comedians? Or, why do doctors need to behave like politicians, and why can't they say "there is no conclusive answer" when they do not have a conclusive answer?
Anyway, back on Friday night Dylan certainly had plenty of lists with him. We took him home, drugged him with Panadol, and took good care of him.
Over the rest of the weekend Dylan proved again to be my son by sleeping the disease off. In fact, between Saturday and Sunday he slept the full night for the first night in his life! Usually we wake him up at around 22:30-23:00 for a night feed, but because he's sick and therefore routine-less we thought we would just feed him when he wakes up; he didn't, not until the morning (when we woke him up). Overall, he was asleep for something like 20 hours a day with long sleep intervals, which meant that - roll the drums - for the first time since his arrival, I was able to sleep so much that I felt tired from oversleeping! Only a parent can truly appreciate how intoxicating sleep can be.
By now Dylan is much better. Still weak, but not sick.


pseudowife said...

Having had 4 kids myself and a background in nursing I know the frustration of not getting a more straight forward answer from the quack. Trouble is, there IS no straight forward rule. Each kid is different.

My rough guideline was, if they are still crying energetically then they'll be OK. When it becomes a grizzly whine then it's time for action. The thermometer lies. Listen to the kid.

And trust your instincts.

PS I am totally appalled at you owning Kylie. Shame!!

Moshe Reuveni said...

If you knew me better you would have known the last thing I should do is trust my instincts.