Sunday, 20 January 2008

TV personalities

On paper, we are trying to prevent Dylan from watching TV. We really don't think too highly of it to begin with, and it is obvious that TV hypnotizes him. Sure, when he's on a fit TV is the best medicine, but we don't want another couch potato in the family so quickly.
Still, because we tend to have the TV on in the evenings, Dylan gets plenty of TV exposure. From time to time he catches bits of music DVD's (films are generally a no-no because the sound scares him), sports (like the current Australian Open, which fails to make an impression on him), or the news. The news is the highlight of his day, mostly because of his routine.
You see, every night we give Dylan a bath at around 18:30 or so. By the time we're finished and he's all dressed up for dinner it's around 19:00, and we all sit on the sofa and watch ABC News. That's when Dylan's favorite TV celebrity is on, the ABC News presenter Kathy Bowlen.
It is clearly obvious that Dylan reacts to faces and events on the TV, but it's quite amazing to see how he reacts to Bowlen. The second he sees her face he becomes all smiles and puts on this shy face. True, from time to time he does smile at other characters on TV as well, but no one gets as many admired looks as consistently as Kathy (with the possible exception of us). The really funny bits are when Bowlen interviews someone and the picture moves from her to the interviewee; then you can see the expression on Dylan's face moving from smiling to normal and back at the speed of a cut.
Imagine how proud Kathy Bowlen would be to learn about this secret admirer of hers!

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