Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Top Gunk

This is the story of how good old rational me falls down in the face the worst kind of temptation.
As the keen eyed amongst thee might have noticed, I have recently bought $20 silver mirror aviator like sunglasses. The truth is that I wanted such sunglasses, namely silver Ray Ban Aviators, for a few years now; however, given my already extensive collection of expensive sunglasses it felt like idiocy to buy yet another pair when there's nothing wrong with the other five but them losing their "shiny and new" appeal.
Alas, finally during our current Xmess holiday I got my break: because it was really rainy I forgot my sunglasses at home, and once it became sunny again driving without sunglasses became quite an irritable affair. In the past I used to think poorly of cheap sunglasses as I was afraid they'd lack proper ultraviolet protection, but all the surveys I have read say that all properly sold sunglasses are effectively the same when it comes to UV protection. So I just presented myself at a sunglasses shop and got me a Ray Ban like pair, and I have to say this: They're really comfortable, they're quite good as sunglasses, and they're smashing value at $20 (and if it weren't for us being in the middle of nowhere when I got them they would have been much cheaper, too). True, they lack the sharpness that my Oakleys have, so I guess it's just like comparing an expensive camera lens to a cheaper one, but that is still far from being a worthy justification to spend 15 times more on sunglasses. At least according to my rational self.
The problem is that there is more to a human brain than rationalism. We are, after all, descendants of reptiles.
Ray Bans have meant a lot to me over the years, symbolism wise: back when I was a child my father and my brother had their Aviators, and when I was in the army I had my own (no idea where they are now). Thing is, at the time my brother/father got theirs our family couldn't afford much and even if we wanted much the shiny spectacular stuff was not really available; so the Ray Bans we've had were the Ray Bans that our USA members of the family got us. Which, in turn, meant that these Ray Bans were revered the same way Indiana Jones revered the lost ark: you would think three times before you opened your eyes to stare at them.
The result is that since I got that cheap pair of sunglasses I cannot stop thinking about buying the "real thing" Ray Bans even though I know it's stupid. I know it's a waste of money, I know they're essentially the same as my cheap pair other than an annoying label that always annoys your peripheral vision, I know I have enough sunglasses and that the new ones will not add any new functionality to my arsenal (if anything, the Aviators are far from being dark enough for the Australian sun). I know that, but over the last week I couldn't help stopping myself from visiting every website that sells the Ray Bans in search of the ultimate price and the ultimate color combination. I know that, but over the last week I probably visited half of the sunglasses shops in the city looking at Ray Ban Aviators. I know that, but I keep thinking of excuses why the Ray Bans would be worthwhile - the better of which is that the silver mirror ones actually have a bit of a bluish tinge that is missing on the $20 pair, giving them a bit of a cooler look. And yes, I also know that cooler looks are for idiots with small dicks.
I know it all but I can't help thinking about it. Hopefully, this post will help clear those notions out of my head (either that or Jo would).
But let me tell you this: For $130 (Australian Dollars) I can get silver Ray Ban Aviators from Amazon. Now, that has to be the greatest bargain on earth!

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Moshe Reuveni said...

The post worked!
I woke up this morning totally cured of the notion that I need to buy these stupid sunglasses!