Monday, 21 January 2008

Dumb and Dumber

I had many important things to blog about, but I will stray and tell you instead of the letter I have received today from American Express as their follow up on my complaint concerning the fraud use of my credit card ($12,000+). As I already told on this very blog, my card was used for buying laptops, PDA's, airline tickets, and much more.
The form they've sent me is entitled "Declaration of unauthorized airline ticket charges". What can I say about that, other than remind myself that this letter was sent to me from American Express' very own Fraud team. That's the team of people that is supposed to be the professionals when it comes to dealing with people whose cards were used in fraud. Yet they sent me a completely irrelevant form.
As I have said before, I do not see myself continuing to use my Amex card a second after the current turmoil dies out.

To show you just how stupid all credit card companies are I will tell you the tale of the new credit card application we have been making in order to replace our Amex.
I applied through the web, where it says that you get an answer within 60 seconds. After 60 seconds of waiting the answer I got was that within two business days they will email me a reference number with which I can track the status of my application. Why do they bother with this gone in 60 seconds crap?
Today I have received another email telling me that my application has been conditionally approved, but that in order to prove my identity I need to fax them some identifying documents. You read that clearly: fax them identifying documents. Well, allow me to ask this - how can they verify that I am really me based on faxed documents? For all they know, I could be someone who got hold of my wallet. Or, alternatively, I could crudely photoshop Dylan's photo on top of mine and they will have zero clue about it. The point of this identification procedure eludes me.

In summary, the real question is who are the real fools in this deal. It's not the credit card companies; they're happily printing money. It's us, giving away our money for these morons to keep.

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