Monday, 3 December 2007

Work Choices

I don't usually blog about work. Perhaps it is because financial necessities mean that I would prefer to keep it even if sometimes I have some guts to spill.
But now the levee's gonna break.

It took place with the usual salami method.
First they banned web email sites, claiming that you can get emails with viruses there. A somewhat dubious explanation given that I'm pretty sure the anti-virus software Google and Microsoft and Yahoo have at their hands is somewhat superior to what my place of work can offer; and if the problem is receiving an email with a link that would lead you to a virus, then that can happen anytime anywhere.
Still, the salami looked intact.
Then they banned YouTube. I can actually understand that: Let's face it, you don't use YouTube for anything remotely close to work purposes; usually, YouTube serves to satisfy my football curiosities.
So my salami still seemed to be in one piece.
But then they blocked Flickr with the excuse of it being a "media storage". So what? What's so bad about media storages? And aren't all websites media storages to begin with?
Now, finally, my salami looked as if someone has cut a big chunk out of it. Flickr is not just your other website; Flickr is where I have all of my Dylan photos. Flickr is where I look to whenever I think of Dylan. Flickr is my answer whenever some wise ass comes over and asks how come I don't have any photos of Dylan on my desk (usually adding some cheap boast like "the way I do"): I select my Flickr photo page on my browser's favorites, and e voila! I don't have just one or two photos on my desk, I have hundreds of Dylan photos on my desk.
Or rather, I used to have hundreds of photos on my desk. Up until some smart guy decided to ban it.

It seems to me as if this is always the case at work. I first noticed it at the army: you never get some officer or boss to say "you know what, we don't need to be this tight; why won't we relax [something] and let people have an easier time". No, instead all you hear is how bad one thing or another is and how we should tighten security in the face of threats that don't really exist. From time to time you get something like the internet that reshuffles the cards and let's the good time roll, but then quickly enough the bosses get their way and the workers are re-enslaved.
That's Work Choices for you.

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