Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Not So Young and Restless

Last time around I left you with a sick Dylan. This time around Dylan is still sick but he's much better.
Thursday night and Friday were the tricky parts. At first we were very close to taking Dylan to the hospital because he didn't drink enough, then Dylan was diagnosed with an airway problem which got us close to taking him to the hospital. Things started sorting themselves out after the doctor prescribed him with some steroids (not to be confused with the good old Asteroids on the Atari), and within 3 hours we had ourselves a rejuvenated baby. Score one for science.
As I already said, the process of having a sick baby has regressed us a few months back. After much more than a month of uninterrupted sleeps (albeit shorter ones than I would like to have), we found ourselves devastated by going back to the realm of the newly born baby and sleeping an interrupted four hours a night. The next night we had only one interruption and I still felt like I have been ironed at about lunch time. Sleep deprivation is not something one can get used to; not only that, it is pretty horrible to endure.
But by far the most interesting observation from looking after a sick baby for a few days is that never during this time did we say to ourselves "fuck this" and quit to take a break. The thought never crossed our minds; the only thought that did cross it, eventually, was the thought that questioned why.
After all, on the face of it, why should we be looking after this small bundle and sacrifice so much for it? Why shouldn't we be selfish instead? And why is it that under such circumstances the thought of being selfish comes highly unnaturally, only as the result of a pondering mind?
The answer is, of course, quite obvious. So obvious that I feel foolish to type it in, but I still will, because when you think about it it's quite amazing how well evolution has equipped us to take care of our descendants. Simply put, if we weren't so hard wired to find Dylan ever so cute and to care so much for him, Dylan would not be here; and if our ancestors happened to think this way, too, we would not have been here either. And there'll be no one to type this stupid post.

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