Wednesday, 5 December 2007

And Then There Were Three

Once upon a time there was a baby called Dylan. On only his second visit to childcare, Dylan stuffed himself with the forbidden fruit. Then when he came back home, Dylan has opened a germ factory.
And that factory was a very successful endeavor indeed. Within a few days not only Dylan was sick, but his mother got sick as well. And a couple of days later, his father, usually the least resilient of the two, got sick as well.
If this is a sign of things to come when Dylan starts going to childcare on a regular basis then I am so not looking forward to it.
Today we actually have ourselves a family outing to the doctor's place: all three in one go! It is funny, however, to see us all sick. Jo is probably the sickest amongst us at the moment, but in typical Jo fashion she soldiers on bravely. I'm probably the least sick, but all it takes is for me to have a bit of something and I become totally useless (some would argue that this statement applies to when I'm healthy, too). Usually, I handle sickness by sleeping it off; now, of course, my sleep is entirely up to the hands of one baby called Dylan.
It is funny to see how I lose functionality with time. When Dylan first got sick and we didn't sleep much, I lost my ability to concentrate on proper reading and instead started playing the Nintendo DS after months of neglect (the last time I played it was when Dylan was still at the hospital). This time I played Mario Kart and Zelda against online opponents and it's really great! Then when I became sick myself reading was out of the question altogether, the DS was out, watching TV was out, and messing on the computer was limited to "necessary evil" stuff. Blogging, it seems, doesn't require much brain capacity.
Anyway, I hate being sick. You have to hand it to them viruses, though: those small bits of DNA/RNA that have evolved to be able to replicate themselves are one mean effective thing.

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