Thursday, 29 November 2007

Dylan's first cold

For the first time in his short career, Dylan is sick. It looks like a cold, and it's probably the legacy of the childcare. It's quite interesting, in this masochistic kind of a way, because Dylan is now eating small portions and he wakes up after short sleeps and he's grumpy all the time - essentially, he's the way he was when we first brought him home. He's even using the same small bottles we used back then.
Anyway, to document this momentous occasion, here's a video showing how the poor fellow is like. Do note that we're not evil; we are not holding him with our hands simply because we would make him too hot (it's been a warm summer so far, and the weather bureau is predicting a long warm summer). Anyway, have a look at Mr Miserable:


Wicked Little Critta said...

So sad, but also so cute. And I think it accurately represents what having a cold is like.

Is he feeling better yet?

Moshe Reuveni said...

He is much better, but obviously he's still sick and would be so for the better part of the upcoming week.