Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Yesterday we had this presentation at work. This guy who acts as a sports health adviser told us his views on the subject of men's health.
The lecture was interesting because it was provocative. Basically, the guy was telling us that he knows what causes cancer and he knows what it takes to prevent and cure cancer, and that it is common knowledge which we (the general public) are not aware of because the big pharmaceutical companies want to hide it from us so that they would be able to sell us their overpriced medicines. Obviously it didn't occur to him that if the answer to cancer was available these companies would make a fortune just the same.
The presentation's experience was actually a great social experience and I should really invest my time, if I have some, to write a proper post about it and express how annoyed I am with the lack of healthy skepticism in your average human being. However, one thing that did strike a chord with me, as it would with anyone, was the presenter saying that an important factor in health is happiness, and that in order to guarantee ourselves happiness we should be doing the stuff that we are passionate about. Poetic rubbish at work, the guy could pass for Paulo Coelho. I mean, here we have the ultimate answer not only to cancer but to happiness, too!
Still, there is obviously a grain of truth there. And personally, I think the formula does work, to one extent or another. I mean, I am not sure at all about my health, but I do know that I am happy doing the things I am passionate about.
And what are those things, I hear you ask? Well, there are several. But for the sake of this post I will refer you to this very blog, celebrating its second birthday today.
I will not add on that, but I will say this: I am very thankful to Jo for letting me get away with spending so much time on this blog. Rain or shine, Dylan or not, the blog was still there. It's my time that is wasted on it, sure, but it's Jo's as well; she's the one kept awake with the sound of my aggressive keyboard handling.
So now you know two things I am passionate about.

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