Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Day of Infamy

It is exactly a year today since I have had my operation, and it’s really hard to believe that a year has past since. While it’s easy to forget that a year ago I was under the assumption that it’s 80% certain I have cancer, it’s also hard to imagine that within the space of a year we’ve managed to cram together IVF, pregnancy, and a generally screaming two month old baby.
The beauty of it all, if you like, is in the way everything is connected. Due to the same problem for which I was operated on we had to go through IVF, which in effect meant that Jo had to go through some interesting months of treatment and then an operation of her own. Then IVF related complications meant that Jo had to stay at home, pretty much immobile, for some two thirds of the pregnancy. And eventually, the pregnancy was over five weeks ahead of time because of those IVF related complications. While the end result was successful, to one extent or another Dylan will probably be paying for his premature arrival throughout the rest of his life. He’s a gifted baby, and I’m the gift provider.
The most elegant thing about it all is the reason why things came to be this way in the first place: low levels of certain hormones within my mother’s womb, some 37 years ago, before my own birthday!
One more demonstration for how much we are slaves to the chemicals we are made of, or rather: to the fact that essentially, we are not more than a nicely grouped collection of chemicals. Don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not being negative here: the lengths through which these nicely collected bunches of chemicals can go to are nothing short of amazing!

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