Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Enemies of Reason

All those who watched and enjoyed Richard Dawkins' documentary on religion, "Root of All Evil", should have a ball with his brand new documentary "The Enemies of Reason".
Basically, he moved on from religion to discuss other superstitions, things of the more paranormal nature - astrology, card reading and such. And as usual with Dawkins, the result is funny and entertaining (I wouldn't say it's thought provoking because I never really had in the way of favorable thoughts towards superstitions).
I liked it when he asked this guy who could talk with the dead why he's only asking them mundane questions like what happened to this guy or that guy instead of asking them really good questions like what is there after death or other questions about the general nature of the world that follows. He didn't get much of a reply.
Anyway, don't miss it. The Enemies of Reason is now available at a torrent near you (so they say).

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